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  • Original Natural Coconut Bowl (12-15cm diameter)


    This Coconut Bowl is made from natural coconut—Vegetarian, environmentally friendly and ethical. The coconut bowl does not contain harmful chemicals, only natural coconut oil. Get your hands on a healthy and sustainable coconut bowl today!

  • Japanese Style Wooden Bowl

    A beautifully handcrafted Japanese-style wooden bowl, perfect for serving rice, soup, and other dishes. Durable, natural, and eco-friendly.

    Japanese Style Wooden Bowl

  • Natural Coconut Bowl

    Eco-friendly natural coconut bowls perfect for serving and enjoying meals in a sustainable and unique way

  • Japanese Hand-carved Wooden Spoon

    Elegant hand-carved wooden spoons, perfect for traditional Japanese dishes and adding a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

  • Long Handled Wooden Spoon

    Long handled wooden spoons with comfortable grip, perfect for stirring soups, stews and deep pots without burning your hand.

  • Wooden Spoons

    Rustic hand-carved wooden spoons, perfect for adding a touch of natural elegance to any kitchen and table setting.

    Wooden Spoons

  • Japanese-style Wood Rice Spoon

    Hand-crafted wooden rice spoon, traditional and functional for serving rice in Japanese cuisine with a natural and rustic touch.

  • Black Walnut Wood Cutting Board For Kitchen

    Elevate your kitchen with a durable, beautiful black walnut wood cutting board. Ideal for slicing, chopping, and serving food.

  • Long Oval Solid Wood Pan Plate

    Hand-crafted long oval wooden plate, versatile for serving main dishes and fruits with a natural and rustic touch.

  • Wooden Fork

    Hand-crafted wooden forks, perfect for adding a touch of rustic elegance to any table setting.

    Wooden Fork

  • Wooden Succulent Flower Pot

    Rustic wooden succulent flower pot, perfect for adding a touch of nature to any room and bring a unique, natural aesthetic.

  • Large Rectangular Wooden Garden Planters

    Large wooden rectangular garden planters perfect for growing vegetables, flowers, and herbs in style

  • Wooden Rectangular Tea Tray

    Elegant wooden rectangular tea tray, perfect for serving tea, coffee, and other beverages with a touch of style.

    Wooden Rectangular Tea Tray Wooden Rectangular Tea Tray Wooden Rectangular Tea Tray

    Wooden Rectangular Tea Tray

  • Bamboo Wood Charging Dock Compatible with Apple, Apple Watch, iPad etc

    Stylish and functional Bamboo Wood Charging Dock for multiple Apple devices, with non-slip surface and compact design. Eco-friendly and versatile with case compatibility. Keeps devices organized and easily accessible while charging.

  • Adjustable Wood Led Lamp With USB Charging

    Stylish Adjustable Wood LED Lamp with USB charging port, perfect for desk, bedside table, or office. Energy-efficient.

  • Heart Shaped Wooden Plate

    Hand-crafted heart-shaped wooden plate, perfect for serving desserts with a natural and rustic touch.

  • Natural Wooden Storage Platter Tray

    Hand-crafted wooden storage platter tray, durable & versatile for serving and storing foods with a natural touch.

  • Kitchen Wooden Bowl

    Add some industrial charm to your kitchen with this wooden bowl. Made with sustainably sourced wood and featuring an earthy pattern design, this bowl makes a thoughtful gift for any cook.

    Kitchen Wooden Bowl

  • Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar

    We all know that wooden bottles make for the perfect way of storing things. But, there’s something special about glass bottles and jars. They’re elegant, chic, and hold your beverage with style.

    Introducing wowwooden glass bottle/jar! With a premium design and quality craftsmanship, this piece is made to last. And not only do they look great on display, but they also keep your drinks fresh for longer thanks to their thick walls.

    Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar

    Wood Lid Glass Bottles Jar

  • Handwoven Rattan Storage Tray With Wooden Handle

    This charming rattan storage tray has a wooden handle and is crafted from natural, handwoven rattan with a bamboo wood finish. It boasts an attractive wooden design and is the perfect home accessory for serving cutlery, bread, and more.

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