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Mini Wooden Spoons (4 Pieces)


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These cute, tiny wooden spoons are perfect as a gift – fill them with foody treats to enjoy with friends and family.

  • Brown
  • Mixed
  • Natural Wood
Natural Wood
Natural Wood
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Small wooden spoon made of natural schima Superba wood.
Brief style, simple & subtle elegance.
Perfect for scooping sugar, salt, spice, coffee, tea, and various types of condiments.
The short handle & mini size makes it a good baby feeding/training spoon.
1. SHORT HANDLE – The short handle makes it easy to use and prevents the spoon from slipping from your hand.
2. MINI SIZE – The small size is perfect for small hands and can be used by babies as well as older children who still need help with eating foods with smaller amounts of food.
3. GOOD FOR BABY – The Mini Wooden Spoons are the perfect size for babies and toddlers. They are not only fun to play with but also help them learn how to eat food and drink liquids in a fun way!


Special Notes:

  • Please understand each wooden product is made from different parts of a tree. Therefore, the wood grain, color, and specifications of each item may have tiny differences from each other. And that’s the very reason why every wooden product is a unique artwork.
  • Please use a soft napkin and cloth for cleaning.
  • Please do not use bleachers/strong washing liquid.
  • Please avoid soaking it in the dish detergent water for a long time or using hard objects scrubbing on the unit.
  • The wooden products cannot be used in any high-temperature disinfection cabinet, microwave oven, or any other electric appliances. Please don’t place it next to the heater, or expose it to the sun.

Additional information

Dimensions 8 × 3.5 cm

Brown, Mixed, Natural Wood


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Mini Wooden Spoons (4 Pieces)

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